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Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

Mark Twain

We believe that the ethical framework and principles upon which individuals, organizations, institutions and society itself embrace AI will define us. Consequently, we are equally committed to the ethics of AI as we are to the technology and its adoption.

In a rapidly changing world, where individuals— no matter how intelligent and knowledgeable— feel out of touch, uninformed and at risk from the pace of change and the technology driving it, 42 is the answer. Data, information, insight, intelligence is nothing without wisdom. The threat of misuse — ineptly or even maliciously— of technology and the intelligence it provides, has grown exponentially with the advent and rapid development & adoption of AI. Arguably, the technology and its adoption have dramatically outpaced the debate and implementation of ethical and regulatory frameworks for AI.

AI will transform life for everyone and society as we know it. The power inherent in such transformational technology creates the potential of leverage and use that can benefit as well as harm individuals, organizations, and society as whole. 42 embraces the radical transparency of ethics which enables individuals, organizations and society collectively to mitigate the threat of misuse of AI.

The embrace of Ethical AI is central to 42’s identity, our value proposition, and our operating model. Transparent inclusion and application of our ethical principles and imperatives is non-negotiable. We support and actively drive AI Ethics as a leadership, management, and ‘go to market’ requirement throughout our employee, partner, client and other external relationships and engagements.

42’s Framework for Ethics

42’s framework for dialogue about ethics and prioritization aligns with four P’s:

  • Plot: The disruptive, transformational impact AI has on society and life as we know it. How do we effectively shape and steer this change rather than watch as spectators and react as change impacts us. The macro trends of AI’s introduction and effect on the systems where it’s introduced and on society overall.

  • Players: the AI companies we track and evaluate; the individuals making decisions, influencing, shaping and driving the AI market/ecosystem; the thought leaders; the institutions regulating AI; etc.

  • Props: (Pardon the label used for alliteration ;-) The technology itself; what are the ethical considerations of AI as a replacement or even augmentation to life as we know it today. What considerations as we increasingly pivot to a digital and digitally enhanced world.

  • Performance: how AI is being used, by individuals, institutions, and society. The application and usage of AI is the focus of this category/criteria within the ethics framework.

  • Competence in Artificial Intelligence

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