The AI-42 INDEX™

The AI-42 INDEX™ consists of the 42 greatest public companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a stock market index that shows how 30 large, publicly owned companies based in the United States have traded during a standard trading session in the stock market. It is one of the most important financial indicators worldwide. Consequently, and given the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we have introduced the AI-42 INDEX™ for publicly traded companies. The AI-42 INDEX™ is an alpha weighted market index based on the market opportunities of the 42 greatest Artificial Intelligence public companies. The index weighting is determined by our proprietary formula based on analytics and our expert rankings. The index was constructed as of January 1st 2017 and is rebalanced quarterly. Out of our global artificial intelligence companies list, the most influential companies are being selected by our Scientific Board and Strategic Board by assessing the disruptive and strategic potential, the underlying AI technology, perceived risk and expected returns on the basis of a weighting of several characteristics of the prospective company.

AI-42 INDEX™ Realtime Chart

The current and historical prices of the AI-42 INDEX™ can also be accessed with Thomson Reuters Eikon. Eikon is a set of software products provided by Refinitiv for financial professionals to monitor and analyze financial information. It provides access to real time market data, news, fundamental data, analytics, trading and messaging tools. It also provides data on asset classes including Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, Funds, and Real Estate. Eikon can be accessed via desktop, mobile device or web browser, as well as programmatically via APIs. For more information or access to Eikon, please visit Thomson Reuters Eikon.

AI-42 INDEX™ Fact-Sheet

Displaying the AI-42 INDEX™ chart in your website

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Constitutient Selection and Weighting Process

Index constituents are selected on a combined Big Data quantitative and expert qualitative approach. This chart explains the process from the initial quantiative selection of candidates to the qualitative choice of weightings and final constituents.

Example: Potential Candidate Northrop Grumman Corporation (NTH)

The following case is an example of a potential candidate which was suggested by the quantitatve metrics. During an advisory board meeting, the export advisory board reviewed detailled reports about their intellectual property, patent filings, research papers and analytics and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. 

AI-42 INDEX™ Constituents

The Index consists of mostly highly liquid stocks with 83% being large caps, only 2% of the constituents are small caps.

AI-42 INDEX™ Facts

The Index consists of 42 constituents and is reblanced once per quarter by an internation expert advisory board.

AI-42 INDEX™ Maintenance

The index was constructed as of January 1st 2017 and is rebalanced quarterly, following a quarterly Index Rebalancing Committee meeting. The following paragraphs describe our Index maintenance guidelines.

Quarterly Review and Rebalancing

The Publisher quarterly reviews the Index Constituents to ensure all companies meeting the eligibility requirements are included and continue to represent the growth of the A.I. asset class. This quarterly rebalancing can thus be expected to add and subtract Index Constituents from the Index. The reference date for all company-specific transaction and valuation data and other information utilized in the rebalancing process will be taken from the three months preceding the rebalancing date.

Addition of New Companies to the Index

Immediately prior to each rebalancing date, the Publisher reviews information regarding market environment changes, price developments, stock market changes, private technology company primary financings, secondary transactions, technology leadership, disruptive potential or publicly reported investors’ valuation marks. This review may reveal companies that now meet the Index’s eligibility requirements but that were not previously included in the Index. Companies qualifying in this manner could then be added to the Index. The inclusion of a new Index Constituent will be announced with the release of the subsequent Index publication.

Removal of Companies From the Index

During the quarterly rebalancing, the Publisher also reviews Index Data to determine whether any Index companies no longer meet the eligibility requirements, either due to corporate action or for other reasons. Such companies will then be removed from the Index. Removal of a company from the Index does require that the Publisher replace the deleted company by adding a new company to the Index. The number of Index companies stays at 42.

Corporate Actions

The Index will be updated as a result of corporate actions (e.g., acquisition, bankruptcy, divestiture, or initial public offering) that change the composition of the Index companies. If an Index company is removed during the quarterly rebalancing as a result of a corporate action, it will be replaced with the next ranked company. Each publication of the Index will include a “distribution” line item to ensure that addition or deletion of a company from the Index due to a corporate action does not disproportionately affect the existing weightings of the Index. Any new company will be incorporated into the Index at the quarterly rebalancing with its capitalization value. When a company is removed from the Index, we will add the difference between its contribution to the Index and the value of the Index prior to the company’s removal to the distribution line. The sum total values of all Index companies will be added to the distribution line to determine the gross sum of the Index (numerator).

Publishing Schedule

The Publisher intends to publish the Index in realtime and will incorporate changes of the market environment, announcements, news, private growth company transactions or valuation marks that become known to the Publisher.

Index Announcements and Dissemination

The AI-42 INDEX is published on the website and through various data providers. There, visitors can view the most recent Index development and request, information describing the Index’s construction and maintenance, and find important legal notices and disclaimers. Also available on the website is the most recent calculation of the Index. Information pertaining to the Index will also be disseminated from time to time via email to registered members and through content partnerships and licensing arrangements with third parties.

Latest News

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