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Combined quantitative and qualitative market insights.



AI market index tracking the growth of AI.



AI market analyst application for financial advisors.



Online Certificate Program for Artificial Intelligence beginners.


AI Ratings

Based on a proprietary quantitative and qualitative approach. provides ratings of 11,000+ companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. They include our comprehensive analytical indicators like AI strength, AI competence, AI focus, AI growth potential, financal health, market momentum, etc. - all benchmarked against their peers and their industry. Our indicators and ratings are being calculated based on a unique proprietary quantitative and qualitative approach, where we combine Big Data analytics and human expert opinions. Similar to S&P, Moody's and Fitch, our rating is a letter grade. For details, see our Rating Scale.

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Please note: The AI Ratings are intellectual property of AI-42 Market Intelligence Ltd. and can be used free of charge for non-commercial use under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-NA-SA.

Current Sector Ratings (Public Companies)

Every quarter, our expert advisory team evaluates sector ratings for public companies, based on most recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These ratings provide an indication on how much each sector benefits from and is impacted by AI. Similar to S&P, Moody's and Fitch, our rating is a letter grade. For details, see our Rating Scale.

Rating (as of 30.06.2019)
Change (since 31.03.2019)
FINANCE A+    Expert rated
HEALTHCARE A+    Expert rated
DEFENSE A+    Expert rated
IT/PLATFORM/ENABLER A+    Expert rated
LARGE CAP BBB    (previously BB-)    Expert rated
CRM BBB    Expert rated
HR/OUTSOURCING BBB    Expert rated

Rating Changes (Public Companies)

Every quarter, our expert advisory team evaluates each public company with Artificial Intelligence competence, analysing the most recent developments. These ratings provide an indication on how focussed the company is on AI ("AI Focus") and how strong its AI competence is ("AI Strength"). Similar to S&P, Moody's and Fitch, our rating is a letter grade. For details, see our Rating Scale.

Rating (as of 30.06.2019)
Change (since 31.03.2019)
GOOGL Alphabet Inc. AI Focus: BBB    (previously BB-)    Expert rated
AMZB, Inc. AI Focus: BBB
AI Strength: A+
   (previously BB-)
   (previously BBB)
   Expert rated
BIDU Baidu, Inc. AI Focus: BBB    (previously BB-)    Expert rated
MSFT Microsoft Corporation AI Focus: BBB    (previously BB-)    Expert rated
CRM Inc. AI Focus: BBB    (previously BB-)    Expert rated
BTAI BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc. AI Focus: BB-
AI Strength: BB-
   (previously CCC+)
   (previously CCC+)
   Expert rated
FB Facebook, Inc. AI Focus: BB-
AI Strength: BB-
   (previously CCC+)
   (previously CCC+)
   Expert rated

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The AI-42 INDEX™ consists of the 42 greatest public companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

.AI42 (Thomson Reuters Eikon)


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Historical AI-42 INDEX™ values

Selection of AI-42 INDEX™ Constitutients

AI-42 INDEX™ Maintenance

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a stock market index that shows how 30 large, publicly owned companies based in the United States have traded during a standard trading session in the stock market. It is one of the most important financial indicators worldwide. Consequently, and given the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we have introduced the AI-42 INDEX™ for publicly traded companies. The AI-42 INDEX™ is an alpha weighted market index based on the market opportunities of the 42 greatest Artificial Intelligence public companies.

The index weighting is determined by our proprietary formula based on analytics and our expert rankings. The index was constructed as of January 1st 2017 and is rebalanced quarterly. Out of our global artificial intelligence companies list, the most influential companies are being selected by our Scientific Board and Strategic Board by assessing the disruptive and strategic potential, the underlying AI technology, perceived risk and expected returns on the basis of a weighting of several characteristics of the prospective company.

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Please note: The AI-42 INDEX™, the constitutients and the weightings are intellectual property of AI-42 Market Intelligence Ltd. and can be used free of charge for non-commercial use under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-NA-SA.

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AI Market Insights from our Expert Team

Regular updates about the Artificial Intelligence market., September 9th 2019, Alexander G. Welzl

Read my lips… „I’m a robot!“

WIEN, Austria - Although digitalisation is all around us already and the pace of change seems to speed up continuously there are still moments of surprise. And this is what happened to the international audience at this years UNIDO Bridge for Cities conference in Vienna. Mobile phones went up when people tried to catch the magic moment when AI met human beings on stage....

Read more..., August 6th 2019

"Get started where others talk" - Jivka Ovtcharova in an interview.

It is a man-made development that demands much from its habitual-loving creator: digitization. Your constant companion: the change. How is digital progress changing people? What role do our senses play in this? And to what extent must people rethink and reorganize companies in order to advance digitization in Germany? These and other questions are answered...

Read more..., July 29th 2019

Center for Artificial Intelligence Talents - CAIT Celebrates Its Opening, Announces

KARLSRUHE, Germany, July 29, 2019 The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) announced the establishment of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Talents (CAIT) located at the university's campus. CAIT considers digital education and the use of AI for everyone as a core requirement for professional success and participation in social and professional life...

Read more..., July 9h 2019 Collaboration with CAIT (Center for Artificial Intelligence Talent)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE puts the world in which we live and work in a fundamental upheaval. Like never before, whole industries and lifestyles change. A race for the future has begun at a moment when a great deal is at stake. "Any profound change also offers new opportunities for all who recognize the signs of the times." Under this motto, the Institute for Information Management in Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is...

Read more..., Giacomo Bonavera, June 14h 2019 Market Intelligence Special Report: NVIDIA is the leading research, advise and market intelligence provider for financial institutions in the area of Artificial Intelligence. As an independent authority, classifies the AI market and constantly monitors 11.000+ companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. issues Market Intelligence Special Reports to different topics about the AI industry.

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) share price slumped to half the value from its last year highs. While...

Read more..., PRESS RELEASE, May 10h 2019

The Global AI Company Rally is Continuing: +30,02% in Q1/2019. What’s next in AI?

The expert members of the Index Rebalancing Committee Meeting got together and conducted the quarterly review of the AI-42 INDEX™ constituents, discussed the latest Artificial Intelligence trends and shared market insights from their delegation visit to China. The rise of AI companies globally is continuing, with the AI-42 INDEX™ Q1/2019 closing at 10.677,55 points, an increase of 2.465,24 points (+30,02%) since the beginning of this year. The index, which is expressing the global growth of the...

Read more..., Mike Halsall, May 7th 2019

Are we overestimating China’s AI capabilities?

In February 2018, the FT published an article outlining ‘Why we are in danger of overestimating AI’, arguing that ‘considerably more work is needed before we can reach the long-dreamt-of moment when machine intelligence matches the human variety’. By 2030, just 11 years from now, China has vehemently expressed its ambition to ‘lead the world in AI’. Is this a realistic ambition, or has China become entirely conceited in the midst of its new-found wealth and growing economic muscle?

Read more..., PRESS RELEASE, March 29th 2019 Market Intelligence: Research Finds Only 5.45% of AI Companies Have High AI Expertise

41.35% of so called AI companies do not use AI at all. 10,861 public and private companies have been analysed worldwide. New AI Market Intelligence Platform helps Venture Capital firms, Private Equity companies, asset managers, analysts, family offices and financial institutions to identify investment opportunities.

Read more..., Gabriele Zedlmayer, March 15th 2019

Trouble in Paradise?

So there seems to be trouble in Paradise. The globe is facing massive challenges like climate change, cyber-crime, shortage of available resources, political instability and the potential of massive job loss because everything that can be automated will be. At the same time, we are seeing unprecedented opportunities like we have never before. Algorithms help us to better diagnose, predict and prevent diseases, they revolutionize the education sector by treating each student as an individual, and they free us from many repetitive and often cumbersome tasks.

Read more..., Anne Gfrerer, March 9th 2019

Artificial intelligence is in the air: Ready or not -
Why managers should foster digital readiness of their firms

In the last years, technology has gradually become invisible and digital ubiquity is arising in our daily work and private lives. This is also true for artificial intelligence and its impact for companies to succeed in the digital age. Organizations must foster their digital readiness, which decides about their future business model and which encompasses a...

Read more..., Jivka Ovtcharova, February 21st 2019

Artificial Intelligence goes Twinning - making analytics come alive

We live in exciting times. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally transforming the world with all its facets. Even if it has been around for a while in science and technology, aiming to create machines with some form of human intelligence, over time AI has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, personal as well as professional. Online searching engines, financial transactions, digital personal assistants, image and voice recognition are...

Read more... Online Academy

Our Online Certificate Program for AI beginners.

Online AI Education

Will a robot take my job? How is artificial intelligence likely to change my job in the next ten years? Where are AI technologies being used right now and where will they be used next?

The online certificate program "Artificial Intelligence Introduction, Ethics & Finance" is for anyone interested in learning more about artificial intelligence. Comprised of eight sections, chapters one to six shed light on various aspects of AI, including definitions, neural networks, machine learning and societal implications. Chapters seven and eight are dedicated to people working in finance. No programming, but some basic math is required. Some exercises also require you to draw with a pen and paper to find the answer to the question.

The completion of the course is estimated to take from 50 to 80 hours in total. You can do the course at your own pace, but we recommend trying to finish in 8 weeks (in our experience, having a deadline makes it more likely students will finish the course). We expect it will take approximately 5-10 hours to finish each part of the course. Some exercises require a lot of thinking, drawing on paper and going back to the theory part so they can take up to 45 minutes. You will also find lots of links in the course and looking at these will also add to the time needed.


Our AI market analyst application for financial advisors.


Having insight into everyhing which is happening in the AI space is essential for making informative investment decisions. The AI ANALYST™ provides regular updates on financing rounds and acquisitions in the AI space, the newest AI start-up companies, AI industry updates, AI technology updates, new AI inventions and AI empowered products, the performance of AI related investment products (ETFs) and updates to AI unicorns and upcoming IPOs of AI related companies.

The AI ANALYST™ is a complete market analyst application to provide financial advisors deep insights into the entire AI ecosystem and also serves the purpose of simulating and tracking investment decisions. AI related financial instruments - such as stocks or ETFs - have been compiled and can be added to portfolios. For each instrument, multiple indicators are showing our expert ratings. This provides predictive intelligence into the health of AI companies and helps identifying the best future performers. Our indicators are used by clients to identify, prioritize and nurture opportunities, to see fast-growing markets and industries before others to make informed strategic decisions or to pinpoint fast-growing public companies to understand their strengths in AI, products and technology.


AI Market Intelligence

Rigourous systematic.

Watch our Market Intelligence Introduction Video

As appealing as the global AI growth rates look like, the AI market environment is also becoming more and more scattered. According to recent studies, more than 40% of companies claiming to be "AI companies" actually don't even have any AI competence. It is becoming challenging to identify and distinguish betweem them, because a high degree of technical expertise is required. We track more than 11.000 AI companies worldwide and are able to identify the greatest Artificial Intelligence opportunities with a combined quantitative and qualitative approach. With our AI Market Intelligence Platform we have the ability and know how to provide the insight and research on the biggest database of AI companies that are shaping the future of AI, whether you are looking for a single company or a portfolio of companies, we have the insights for you in the publicly traded companies market and in the privately owned venture capital and private equity companies market. For each company, an individual score card is being generated.

A combined quantitative & qualitative approach.

Combined Quantitative & Qualitative Analytics

Our proprietary scoring algorithms are analysing the quantitative side of the AI universe by looking at the market environment, the financial health and the momentum of each company in it's space and also benchmarked with its peers and competitors. For example, if a company is acting in an environment with a lot of tailwind, it is easier for it to grow and attract customers, partners and investors, leading to a better scoring. Also, a strong and reputable investor base makes it easier for companies to access further funding from a financial health perspecitve. Social media- , customer- , partner- and news momentum are other important aspects, each of them always in correlation to the peers and the sector in general. Employment momentum is another important indicator for the scoring of companies.

Our international team of scientists and experts is providing qualitative input based on their research and scoring. The AI Market Intelligence Platform provides them with insights to the biggest database of AI companies that are shaping the future of AI. It provides them for example with information about development of patent filings, innovation degree, number and quality of published scientific papers, development of job openings, the overall size and strength of each company's internal AI teams, etc. just to name a few datapoints. They are looking at the AI competence in general, the ethical positioning as well as the market environment from an innovation and expert point of view.

A combined quantitative & qualitative approach.

We typically work with financial institutions, investment and asset managers, family offices, HNWI and qualified investors to provide them independent and in-depth market intelligence to identify single investments or to create an entire product portfolio. These can be either public companies with AI expertise or venture capital or private equity backed private companies from any geographic area in the world.

Let's discuss how we can advice you on AI

We jointly work with financial institutions on how to utlise our AI market intelligence insights to create bespoke investment structures together. Our expertise, research database, proprietary IP and our internal research platform ensures leading and successful investment products in the AI space.


AI Market and Investment Opportunities

Our market update reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Artificial Intelligence Market and its investment opportunities. It disusses the AI business ecosystem, provides insights in AI application technologies and views the vision of possibilities.

Sensetime visit, China
Intellifusion visit, China
Yi visit, China
Delegation visit to China
@DLD, Munich
@4GameChangers, Austria
@CTIA, Los Angeles
@Alpbach Forum, Austria
@IBM Conference, Germany
@Marketing Forum, Vienna
@Money2020, Las Vegas
@TV Report, Austria

Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and it is already impacting our daily lives. has recognized that and built a great team to play ahead of the game.

Steve Rogers

The AI-42 INDEX reflects an enriching symbiosis of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. We are adding another layer - a smart layer - to something which is actually a commodity.

Thomas Willomitzer

The commercialization of Artificial Intelligence is a fast-forward process and will change the way we do business. Our mission is to discover the most promising players in this field within the 42-AI INDEX.

Martin Drexler

Daniel Mattes Daniel Mattes Daniel Mattes