Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Everybody speaks about AI, but it is a difficult topic to grasp and understand. has been formed to demystify Artificial Intelligence and bridge the gap between AI as one of the greatest growth opportunities and the technical complexity of AI in general. The global AI market is expected to grow from $8.1B (2018) to $105.8B (2025).


AI Market Intelligence Platform for Venture Capital firms, Private Equity companies, asset managers, analysts, family offices or financial institutions.

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The leading AI market index tracking the growth of AI consists of the world’s strongest public corporations with Artificial Intelligence expertise.

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Begin your AI learning journey withour online academy.  You have come to the best place to learn everything you need and want to know about AI.

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Discover the latest from our expert team about everything relevant to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Ethics and Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Daniel Mattes at the CFO Forum

CFO Forum: Strategies, Facts, Analyzes, Perspectives, July 21st, 2020At this year’s CFO Forum, CFOs reported on their crisis strategies, reassessment of business models, discussed setting the course for the future and shared their assessment of[…]

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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism – Book Review

Kurt Hornburg, September 9th The human consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic are horrific and length of time before a ‘new normal’ is reached is still unknown. Economically, the scale and[…]

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Green Finance – Our future together after flattening the curve

Green Finance – Our future together after flattening the curve

In case you missed the exciting virtual panel discussion focusing on “Green Finance – Our future together after flattening the curve”, we have the recording for you. Nerys Jones, Deputy[…]

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Expert panel on green energy and sustainability

Panel Discussion: How can financial institutions ensure a sustainable future?, July 7th, 2020 Join the virtual panel discussion organised by the British Embassy Vienna, the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Financial Services Club on 20th July in[…]

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AI discussion Andrea Martin Daniel Mattes

The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence, June 2nd, 2020. As part of a “Der Brutkasten” (Austria’s leading platform for start-ups, digital economy and innovation) online roundtable on May 28th experts discussed the present and future[…]

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All Time High for AI-42 Index

All Time High for AI-42 Index, May 26th, 2020.The AI-42 Index consists of the 42 greatest public companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We are happy to announce that our Index has reached an[…]

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AI is one of the leading technologies of the 4th industrial revolution and it is already impacting our daily lives. has recognized that and built a great team to play ahead of the game.

Steve Rogers

The AI-42 INDEX reflects an enriching symbiosis of human intelligence and A.I. We are adding another layer – a smart layer – to something which is actually a commodity.

Paul Ellingstad

The commercialization of AI is a fast-forward process and will change the way we do business. Our mission is to discover the most promising players in this field within the 42-AI INDEX.

Martin Drexler