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The AI TOP-42 INDEX, often abbreviated as the AI-42 INDEX, or just the AI-42, is a world wide market index based on the 42 greatest Artificial Intelligence opportunities. The AI-42 INDEX components are determined by an international team of scientists and experts.

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How to benefit from the AI-42 INDEX

The AI-42 INDEX expresses the value growth of the 42 best A.I. companies in the world. The following two products are tracking the AI-42 INDEX and are providing a chance to take advantage of the potential growth of the global Artificial Intelligence market: The AI-42 ETI, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is a structured exchange traded instrument (ETI) and available for accredited investors. The AI-42 TOKEN, designed for the crypto and blockchain audience, is a ERC-20 compliant Ethereum token which maps the value of the AI-42 INDEX.

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About Us

Our research leads to our Market and Investment Opportunities reports in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We created and maintain the AI-42 INDEX and issued the AI-42 ETI as well as the AI-42 TOKEN.

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