Our offering

Our partners can be anyone who is quick to adapt to change and embrace an emerging industry to hedging their bets through portfolio diversification and wants to become one of the early investors in what is likely to be the greatest commercial opportunity of our generation. 42.CX can provide investment structures, research and advice for anything from listed individual stocks and portfolios to private equity and venture capital individual companies and portfolios. We have our stock standard investments while having the flexibility and know how to provide bespoke investment structures, research and advice solutions based on individual demands.

Whether you are looking for a single company approach or a basket of companies approach, we have the solution for you in the publicly traded companies market and in the privately owned venture capital and private equity companies market. We also have hybrid solutions, a mix of publicly traded companies and privately owned companies.

Investment Research and Advice

42 looks at AI companies world wide and identifies the greatest Artificial Intelligence opportunities determined by an international team of scientists and experts. The best way to benefit from the upcoming innovation wave of AI is by becoming one of the early investors through one of our vehicles. Our research leads to our Market and Investment Opportunities Reports in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We created and maintain the AI42X INDEX for publicly traded companies and the AI42 INDEX for venture capital companies.

Our Investment Approach

Our Market Research Team is continuously screening the world wide Artificial Intelligence universe using various data sources. Out of the global artificial intelligence companies list, the most influential companies are being selected by our Scientific Board and Strategic Board by assessing the disruptive and strategic potential, the underlying AI technology, perceived risk and expected returns on the basis of a weighting of several characteristics of the prospective company. Every selection of promising and unique companies in the field of AI are being supported and nurtured to become global competitors in their fields. AI front-runners will have the advantage of superior customer insight. The immediate competitive benefits include an improved ability to tap into consumer preferences, tailor their output to match these individual demands in doing so, capture an ever bigger slice of the market. For each company, valuations are being performed on a live basis. We use the new world wide market index based on the 42 greatest Artificial Intelligence opportunities as our benchmark.

Investment Structures

We can White Label our investments to fit your company brand and image as a cutting edge technology investment provider and have the ability and know how to provide the insight and research on the biggest database of AI companies that are shaping the future of AI. Investor feedback is valued as an integral part of our continuous improvement of quality and customer service and our development of new products and investment strategies. As an organization, our business strategy is to provide a well-rounded range of pre-determined AI investment structures, research and advice utilizing a variety of data sources. Our partners include financial institutions, investment managers, family offices, HNWI and qualified investors, to whom we offer a diverse product portfolio including public and private companies. Other product groups may be incorporated into our portfolio if appropriate opportunities present themselves.

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We jointly work with financial institutions to create bespoke investment structures together. Our expertise, research database, proprietary IP and our internal research platform ensures leading and successful investment products in the AI space.

Competence in Artificial Intelligence

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