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About us

Everybody speaks about AI, but it is a difficult topic to grasp and understand. 42 has been formed to demystify Artificial Intelligence and bridge the gap between AI as one of the greatest growth opportunities and the technical complexity of AI in general.

The global AI market is expected to grow from $8.1B (2018) to $105.8B (2025). We track more than 11.000 AI companies worldwide and identify the greatest Artificial Intelligence opportunities determined by an international team of scientists and experts. The most promising public AI companies have been selected to form the AI-42 INDEX™, an index dedicated to express the growth of the AI sector. In addition, 20 indicators and ratings are being published for each AI company in our database to help better identify their AI competence, strength and growth potential. These are also available through the AI Analyst™, our AI market intelligence platform.


The 42 Online Academy is the starting point to gain knowledge about AI and to understand the various aspects of AI, including definitions, neural networks, machine learning and societal implications. Dedicated blocks for finance are available, too, and provide everyone in finance the knowledge to understand how to identify AI investment opportunities or to distinguish between "managing assets with AI" and "managing AI assets". The 42 Online Academy is offering multiple online certificate programs for everyone who is interested in AI, starting from a general introduction of Artificial Intelligence over AI & Ethics to AI & Finance. 42 also provides individual research and advice in public and private AI companies across all industries to financial institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds, investment managers, family offices and qualified investors.

Our name was inspired by the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, where the number 42 is “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years.

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  • Our skills and core strengths

    Our expert team has been selected to represent the various aspects required to be able to provide a holistic view on the AI market. It consists of AI scientists, innovation and industry experts, visionairies, thought leaders, international speakers and book authors and gives us the capabilities to tell the difference between a company who claims to do AI and a company that really has a technological breakthrough. Our expert team also gets together regularily to formulate the latest industry trends & developments and to review the AI-42 INDEX™ constitutients. These insights are shared within our community and provide a better understanding of the AI ecosystem, its opportunities, implications and future growth potential.

    We are also regularily going on-site to visit and review some of the most exciting AI companies all around the world, to speak with their teams and to discuss their businesses in-depth. This gives us even more insight into their skills and helps us analyse their potential further. It also provides us with unparalleled access to AI investment opportunities.

    Our market intelligence platform, which is based on years of data collection from a multitude of data sources, allows us to systematically scan the universe of AI opportunities for the best investment opportunities. It is an important information platform for us to screen AI opportunities.

  • Learn more about our team
  • Learn more about our public appearances & delegation visits
  • A team of experts adds intelligence to data

    We hand-picked a team of experts, each of them a renowned expert in his field. Each expert is contributing to our AI market intelligence platform by providing insight, analysis and scoring. Propiertary formulas are weighting these expert driven inputs and adds a layer of intelligence to the companies we are tracking. Here's a selection of some of our experts:

    AI Technology & Innovation

    • Andrea Gaal Innovation

      CEO & Co-Founder dataflag, Data Compliance & Univ. Lect. i.Economics Webster Univ. & Supervis.Board Memb Raiff. Bank Int.

    • Anne Gfrerer Communication and Digital Readiness

      SVP UniCredit, expert for strategic communication and digital readiness, speaker and moderator, initiator HVB Women´s Council

    • Gabriele Zedlmayer Innovation

      Accomplished international speaker on the subjects of sustainable management, social innovation and the future of work.

    • Jivka Ovtcharova AI and Innovation

      Chair for Information Management in Engineering at KIT, Director for Intelligent Systems at FZI.

    • Mike Halsall Innovation

      Entrepreneur, mentor and government advisor on emerging technologies.

    • Steve Rogers Innovation

      Google Zurich, London, Moscow and Tel Aviv. Expert for innovation and user experience.

    AI Core Technology

    • Edwin Lughofer AI Expert

      Key Researcher with the Fuzzy Logic Laboratorium. Author of 170+ publications

    • Thomas Willomitzer Technology

      Technology entrepreneur. HF trading at UBS London, coFounder of last.FM, CTO of Jumio and CEO of Snapscreen.

    • Vladimir Arlazarov AI Expert

      Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Invented IBM Kaissa.

    AI & Ethics

    • Paul Ellingstad AI & Ethics

      Strategic advisor for communications, leadership, innovation, and breakthrough change. Managing Partner at PTI Advisors.

    AI & Finance

    • John Devonshire Finance & Strategy

      Experienced deal-maker with more than 20 years working within the technology and financial services industry.

    • Thomas Jungreithmeir Corporate Finance and taxes

      Expert for international corporate finance, mergers and acquisition and taxes.

    • Vaga Bartalini Investment Banking

      Experienced international financial markets and banking expert: Merrill Lynch, ING, Banco Finantia.

    AI Product & Strategy

    • Attila Gergely Operations

      Entrepreneur and experienced operations manager at international scale.

    • Markus Rumler Marketing and PR

      Marketing and PR Expert. Former Jajah, Jumio and founder of Creatix. Received multiple awards.

    • Martin Drexler Strategic Vision

      Art- and Creative Director, expert for global brand strategies and new business operations.

    • Wolf-Dieter Grabner Graphic and Design

      Creative expert and entrepreneur. Expert for graphic and design and Ui/Ux.

  • Learn more about our skills and core strengths
  • Learn more about our public appearances & delegation visits
  • Public appearances & delegation visits

    Our team members are regular speakers at international events and are part of delegation visits to AI companies around the world.

    Sensetime visit, China
    Intellifusion visit, China
    Yi visit, China
    Delegation visit to China
    @DLD, Munich
    @4GameChangers, Austria
    @CTIA, Los Angeles
    @Alpbach Forum, Austria
    @IBM Conference, Germany
    @Marketing Forum, Vienna
    @Money2020, Las Vegas
    @TV Report, Austria
  • Learn more about our skills and core strengths
  • Learn more about our team
  • Competence in Artificial Intelligence

    Rigourous systematic.